7 tips on how to take care of nails to be strong without tearing

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Nails are small organs in the body that many people tend to neglect. and not given much importance But in fact, there are many benefits of nails, such as the ability to prevent harm around our fingertips. Helps fingers to pick things up more easily. Including being a confirmation of taking care of yourself.

For in terms of beauty. Nail care is always healthy. It can indicate good self-care in any part of your body. If we think that our nails are yellow, brittle, easily broken, or distorted, not beautiful. It’s probably something that’s not worth seeing. So start taking care of your nails from today. For the health of our nails as well. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

What are the causes of torn, torn and brittle nails?

Maintaining good health is not difficult at all. If we know what is causing our nails to have problems with the following reasons.

lack of protein

In addition to protein, there is a part that is used to build muscle. Can also help in the maintenance of our nails to be healthy and strong. It also helps to create keratin. which is an important nourishment of nails as well which strengthens the protein in the body We should be eating Mainly fish, chicken, eggs, beef and legumes. Including eating foods like skim milk, low fat milk to allow the body to get protein. And helps to strengthen the health of our nails as well.

lack of water in the body

Notice to yourself whether you should be consuming too little water per day. This is because the lack of water in the body causes the nails to lack moisture and cause brittle nails. and easily broken Therefore, drinking water at least 8 times a day to add moisture to our bodies too.

lack of vitamins

The problem of fragile, weak and easily torn nails Is it because your body is deficient in biotin as biotin or vitamin B7 leads to weak, fragile and easily broken nails? Therefore, to add biotin to the body. We should eat foods such as eggs, nuts, cereals, bananas and mushrooms to help strengthen our nails, sure enough.

lack of good maintenance

For women it’s important. Is to have products that can nourish nails and hands to always be healthy. Because on a daily basis, our hands and nails are exposed to a lot of pollution and activities. Therefore, we carry hand cream all the time. for strong nails and the skin on the hands is always moist

7 tips for maintaining healthy nails

So when we know the reason why we can easily see the health of the nails to be strong. So don’t wait. Let’s see what are the secrets that make our nails stronger.

  1. be careful! Do not wash your hands often

Frequent washing of hands or prolonged contact with water for long periods of time when our hands and nails are exposed to water washes away natural nutrients that are formulated to protect hands and nails. yellow nails So be careful not to wash your hands too often. To wash your hands, feel that our hands are really dirty.

  1. Don’t be too harsh on your nails.

What behaviors are at risk for tearing, brittle nails? These are the use of nails, prying, picking up hard objects, and biting the nails. Let’s stop these behaviors. because it will make our nails distorted misshapen and look unattractive

  1. Add nutrients to nourish nails.

Nowadays, there are many supplements that help in maintaining strong nails. Especially Biotin (Biotin), Zinc (Zinc), Vitamin B3 and B12, which these vitamins can nourish nails. and hair to be healthy and strong Reduce the problem of torn nails. Torn nails that used to bother and come back strong And have better health again, sure enough.

  1. Scrub to nourish the nails.

Scrubbing the nail surface can be done in many ways, such as using a soft brush to gently scrub our nails to remove dirt. and dead cells away from our nails Including eliminating bacteria stuck in the corners of our nails completely.

You can also Make a scrub by yourself. Take 1 part each of sugar and olive oil and scrub your hands. And nails to keep our hands soft and moist, as well as helping to stimulate blood flow with it.

  1. Before painting your nails, always use nail care oil.

Really indispensable for girls who love to paint their nails. You should use nail polish oil. Or products for nail care before painting the nails always. This will prevent the nail polish remover from taking moisture away from the surface of your nails and causing them to tear. Or fragile, sure enough.

  1. Massage your hands to stimulate blood circulation.

We can see it from most of the leading hand spa shops. that after painting nails or gel nail paint There will always be a massage of the fingers along with the use of nourishing oils to stimulate blood circulation. This is so that the blood in the body can go to the hands and nails thoroughly. Ensure that your nails will have a noticeably better health for sure.

  1. Use nail care products. and especially the nose and nails

At present, there are products that help to nourish the cuticle. and lots of your nails These products can make your nails noticeably healthier. Because this thing will help reduce tearing, fragility, and can quickly reduce your yellow nail problem. and more comfortable

However, we should carefully observe the ingredients of the product that contain dangerous ingredients. or cause irritation or not or should choose organic products It will be safer for the skin and nails as well.