What is the treatment process for Meso Fat?

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Before doing Meso Fat Those who undergo this treatment must learn information about mesotherapy. Both in terms of how to do it, benefits and risks that may be received. Including various unwanted side effects that may occur from injecting substances under the skin.

When entering the process The treating doctor uses a small needle to inject the treatment substance under the skin. There are various types of substances used depending on the purpose of treatment. Substances used to break down excess fat or cellulite include Deoxycholic acid, Lecithin and Isoproterenol.  In addition, other substances that are not harmful to the body. Such as plant extracts, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, hormones, or certain drugs. May also be added in small amounts. This substance will cause the excess fat in the area. Where the substance was injected to gradually break down and be eliminated from the body. The treatment usually has to be repeated 3-15 times and every time it is done approximately 2 weeks apart UFABET

Benefits of Meso Fat.

Mesofat is a treatment method that has not yet been clinically approved. But there is a belief that it may be able to help solve cellulite problems. excess fat and help you lose weight. It is also a treatment that can be used by most healthy people. Especially those who have trouble losing weight on their own. Because when the doctor injects deoxycholic acid under the mesoderm layer. It will react with the fat or cellulite in that area. Causing the fat to gradually melt and be eliminated according to the body’s mechanisms.