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Nagelsmann hopes to bury Drama Neuer.

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann hopes to put an end to the Manuel Neuer drama for the good of the players and the Bayern football team. Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann expects an end to talks over Manuel Neuer’s feud since the 36-year-old suffered a

Busquets agent frustrated, Barca stay silent about contract.

Josef Maria Orobitk , Sergio Busquets agent has urged Barcelona to quickly process a new offer for the 34-year-old midfielder. ‘RAC1′ reported on Friday that. Sergio Busquets’ agent Joseph Maria Orobitk could not understand why Barcelona had not offered their client a new deal. his Despite

Silva has agreed a new one-year contract with Chelsea.

Brazil defender Thiago Silva Rumored to have reached an agreement on a new one-year contract with Chelsea. Which will allow him to stay with the team next season. The 38-year-old centre-back moved from Paris Saint-Germain. Came to Stamford Bridge in 2020. And since then he has been

McKennie insists he can play for any manager.

Leeds United midfielder Weston McKennie has admitted. He can play under any manager after compatriot Jesse Marsh, who brought him in the January transfer football window was sacked. Jesse March was sacked as manager on Monday. The club has not won a league since November 5