Ten Hag sending Evans to the starting line-up in Manchester United

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Ten Hag reveals the reason for sending Evans to the starting line-up in Manchester United’s loss to Manchester City.

Eric ten Hag revealed that Jonny Evans’ experience made him choose to start this defender in the game Manchester United lost to Manchester City.

“Lately, Jonny has been struggling to maintain his fitness. But he is one of the players who fought hard to play the game. I think this is the strongest back four we have right now,”
Ten Hag said.

Ask if he was trying to add more midfielders to deal with Manchester City, Ten Hag told สมัคร ufabet “No, I don’t think so.”

“Sometimes you want to overload the midfield by dropping players in the opposite direction to create a bit of confusion and to get extra players there that we can use for overload and also to run in behind.”

“We know they have a high line. They have a lot of pace, we could have Carnacho up front with Rashford, a second line from Scott McTominay or even a third line from Diogo Dalo. So we have other options as well.”

The Dutchman fielded a back four consisting of Diogo Dalot, Raphael Varane, Jonny Evans and Victor Lindelof, while the midfield included Kase. Miro, Scott McTominay, Bruno Fernandes and Cobby Mainu on the diamond.

Ten Hag chose to use two attackers, Marcus Rashford and Alejandro Carnacho, but were unable to counter the strength of Manchester City and lost 3-1.