Nagelsmann hopes to bury Drama Neuer.

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Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann hopes to put an end to the Manuel Neuer drama for the good of the players and the Bayern football team.

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann expects an end to talks over Manuel Neuer’s feud since the 36-year-old suffered a playing injury. Ski vacation and criticism of the club’s change of goalkeeping coach. As reported by Build on Friday. 

‘It’s very important and important for Manu as well to bury this topic sometimes.’ says Nagelsmann. And it is important for Manu to look ahead. UFABET And that’s the same for me.’

However, Nagelsmann did not confirm whether Neuer will continue as captain of the Bayern Munich team. When the 36-year-old goalkeeper recovered from injury.

‘Manu is currently the captain and that’s good.’ said Julian after Joshua Kimmick and Thomas Muller captained the team for five games since Neuer. He broke his leg from skiing. 

Julian also mentioned Hoffenheim’s Michael Reckner taking over as Bayern Munich’s goalkeeping coach, replacing Tony Tapalovic. G, who was fired last month as saying ‘I’ve read that Nagelsmann is appointing his buddy. He’s not my buddy, Reckner is a great goalkeeping coach.’ 

As for Neuer, he hasn’t featured in the last half since early October following a shoulder injury. But he is set to make his return to the field this Saturday against Hertha Berlin , giving him a chance to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.