Busquets agent frustrated, Barca stay silent about contract.

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Josef Maria Orobitk , Sergio Busquets agent has urged Barcelona to quickly process a new offer for the 34-year-old midfielder.

‘RAC1′ reported on Friday that. Sergio Busquets’ agent Joseph Maria Orobitk could not understand why Barcelona had not offered their client a new deal. his Despite the 34-year-old midfielder clearly showing that he is ready to listen to offers from the club. 

Busquets’ future has a hot topic at the ‘Spotify Camp Nou’ in recent months. With the 34-year-old midfielder’s contract expiring this summer. The 43-year-old coach Xavi Hernandez has express his eagerness to keep the player at the club. That led to private conversations between the trainer and the players. UFABET And the captain of the Barca team is more open to continuing his career with the Azul Grana team.

However, according to ‘RAC1’ Orobitk is disappoint with the delays at the club for not making an offer to Busquets until now. Although the players clearly show that they are ready to listen to offers from the Azul Grana team.

The reaction from Busquets’ representatives came after Barcelona reportedly offered Sergi Roberto a one-year contract. And it was claimed the 31-year-old had agreed a contract extension with the Azulgrana. Until 2024, but for Busquets no offers have been made to the players. And if there is still no movement from the club after this. The 34-year-old midfielder may decide to leave after this season.