Bayern Munich have the option to fine Neuer up to 1.6 million euros.

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Manuel Neuer, the 36-year-old goalkeeper is likely to be fined by Bayern Munich. The football club’s highest ever.

Bild correspondent Christian Falk revealed on his podcast on Friday. That Bayern Munich have the option to pay Manuel Neuer up to 1.6 million euros. After the 36-year-old attacked the club for sacking goalkeeping coach Tony Tapalovic who had a close relationship with him.

According to the terms of Neuer’s contract, the player could be fined up to one month for breaching the terms of his contract. For a 36-year-old goalkeeper earning more than 20 million euros a year. That allowed the club to fine the player up to 1.6 million euros.

According to data from 2010, another Bayern Munich captain at the time. Philipp Lahm had given similar media interviews. Before the club was ordered to pay a fine of 50,000 euros for criticizing the policy of changing the trainer of the Bavarian team. Which is the highest fine the club has ever sanctioned a player to date UFABET

At the time, the player’s contract allowed the club to impose fines of up to €25,000. But Bayern Munich took advantage of a clause in the contract to impose two fines simultaneously. So that the sum of Lahm’s fines. up to 50,000 euros. 

As for the fine, Neuer is likely to break Lahm’s record if CEO Oliver Kahn, sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic. And other associates decided to impose the highest possible penalties. This could include whether the 36-year-old goalkeeper’s ski injury was reckless or deliberate.