10 benefits of “Pineapples” that you may not know about

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In addition to the hidden sweet, sour, refreshing, juicy taste, plus the price is so affordable that almost you can buy it every day, ” pineapples ”  also have benefits that many people may not know yet. After reading it, you will want to eat it often.

10 benefits of “Pineapple” that you may not know about 

  1. Pineapples are useful in almost every part. The pineapple leaves can be used to make pineapple fabric, paper and rope. The pineapple peel is used to make cow food. and compost The pineapple core also helps diuretic. Solve gallstones as well
  2. Pineapple helps digestion. especially protein foods Therefore, anyone who eats grilled buffet Don’t forget to eat pineapple to help digestion later as well.
  3. Who wants to marinate beef, pork, chicken, make steak? Try marinating with pineapple. Guarantee that you will get soft texture. without smashing the meat
  4. Nourish your skin to shine brightly.
  5. Rich in vitamin C, anti-cold, strengthens the immune system in the body.
  6. contains antioxidants Reduces the risk of cancer
  7. reduce constipation
  8. reduce phlegm in the throat
  9. Helps keep oral health , teeth and gums strong.
  10. reduce high blood pressure

Although many people choose to eat pineapple to lose weight. But eating a lot of pineapples may cause itchy tongue can sting the tongue Therefore, you should eat in moderation. After eating about 2-3 large pieces or no more than 1 child per day, this is enough for the needs of the body anyway. ยูฟ่าเบท